Monday, July 19, 2010


Sunlight and Shadow
Winslow Homer

I knew there was a picture I associated with the Win Scott poem I read at my mother's funeral:

I want to show you a young girl in an orchard
Face down to a book, hair fallen forward,
The May apples' shift of white and green
Lifted around her, sun let out and in,
Such a day as you remember for unnameable
Fragrance and the long slow sound of it all,
As though it were the unopened heart of summer
Somehow known. The girl is at its center.
She is out of herself into the book,
And she and the book and the day together make
A page that holds the sun, and may be so
Forever but that of course I cannot show you
Or know myself. But I can look as long
As I grow older, and none of this will move or change.

Winfield Townley Scott
Go My Little Tragedy, XVIII

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