Saturday, February 21, 2009

Danny Schechter Scalpels "Frontline"


Read PBS Screws Up Report on Financial Crisis for a critical analysis of what Inside the Meltdown failed to discuss. It's an instructive, if disheartening, appraisal of what passes for journalism, even from PBS, these days. I may not entirely agree with his over-arching condemnation - "Inside the Meltdown" was the first detailed, step-by-step examination of the historical events that I (and I think, most people) have been given and it helped put the whole thing in perspective. But through it all (so far, only episode one) I had a suspicion that a lot was being neglected or glossed over for the sake of video spectacle - just as Schechter demonstrates. However, as a 'starting point' to understanding, it is certainly better than nothing.

(Via. AlterNet)

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