Saturday, February 28, 2009

Easy Answers


I try to keep polemic to a minimum here, while still expressing what I think. It's a fine balance, and I generally follow the maxim, especially true in politics, that "less is more." But I do keep an eye on a number of progressive news sources (in lieu of having a television) and occasionally find something, or someone, I think needs to be shared. Dissident Voice is among the top few I heartily recommend for variety of opinion and readable depth of coverage. Today, this list and the surrounding article caught my attention:

In our addicted brainwashed state, when we are called to act, the following are our varying reactions and responses when presented with the true facts, all based on our inner fear that is usually not known or acknowledged.

* Refusal to listen or read. I will not waste my time with that crap.

* Claimed lack of time. I am too busy earning a living to keep what I have. I am doing ok right now.

* Claimed lack of intelligence. I do not have enough brains or facts to act. Those in control know far more than I do.

* Denial. Things are not really what the facts show. Our situation is not nearly as dire as you say.

* Moral Relativism. What you say is “dire” is just a matter of opinion and there are a lot of contrary opinions.

* Groundless Optimism. Things will work out alright. They always have in the past.

* Self Destruction. If it really is that bad, I will kill myself.

* Alcohol. Have a drink, fella. Relax and it will all go away and you will feel better like I do.

* God will save us. All we have to do is pray.

* Conspiracy Nut. You are a just a proponent of some crazy conspiracy theory.

* Retreat into Inner Life. Meditation, serious prayer, being in the “now,” “our survival depends only on our own inner growth,” I am saving us all by doing my inner work.

* Science will save us. I have confidence in our human ability through science to survive.

* Claim of impotence. There is nothing that I can do that will really help.

* Communism. What you propose is communistic or socialistic.

* More Big Government. We need to get the government off our backs so that we can enjoy our freedom and take care of ourselves.

* Ad Hominem attack. You are a crazy grandiose zealot. What gives you the right to proclaim the truth? I too keep up with the current news. I know just as much about the truth of what's going on as you do. You are a control freak. Your proposed actions are unloving. All change must be based on love.

* That is class war. We have no classes in America. We all have the same common interests. We are all Americans, like Obama says.

* There is no alternative. For example, many will say Israel has no alternative. About the private Wall Street banks, defective that they may be, most people say they are better than any possible alternative.

* Obamamania. President Obama will save us. This is probably the most dangerous of the ruling class myths of all because it immobilizes the civic impulse in thousands and thousands of bright knowledgeable citizen-voters from acting to support Obama.

I can't speak for other nationalities, but these rationalizations are, in my experience, the very essence of Americanism. These are the things we've all heard a thousand times, and many are ones we've said ourselves. From the age when one first starts asking questions and questioning Authority, these are the answers one hears. I listened to them all through the Sixties relative to the Government, and the next three decades I heard them in response to any criticism of The Employer. It's shocking to see them all all laid out so tritely - those rhetorical grenades guaranteed to stop any 'dissident' conversation.

The man who has this insight, Doug Page, also wrote the following:

Capitalism has always had this fatal flaw that some are now calling a “systemic defect.” This is the defect noted by capitalist Henry Ford in the 1920’s and first enunciated 150 years ago by Karl Marx. Capitalists do not pay their employees enough salaries and wages so that employees can buy the products that they produce. Capitalism is thus inherently unstable.

He has his own web-page,, it's worth a visit.

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