Thursday, March 12, 2009



It's a tradition! Every year in the last week of February, all Swedish bookstores and book departments have a big blowout sale. It gives one something to look forward to in these bleakest of months. Actually, a lot of the inventory is what, in American bookstores, would be called "bargain stock:" short-runs, overstock and reprints produced for reduced sale. But there is a festival anticipation to the event; everyone rushing in on the first days to grab the best deals. Otherwise Swedish books tend to be rather expensive, although there has been a recent overall price-drop. And, of course, this being bi-lingual Sweden, there are always a few Engelska titles. Recently, I suspect, the whole affair has become rather formulaic, unlike the mid Twentieth Century when books and records were heavily taxed. In the end, it's just another excuse for Swedes to celebrate, which they love to do.

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