Monday, August 17, 2009

Rats, I missed it again...

This is is eighth Stockholm Pride I've missed since I've lived here. I made it once, in 2002, but pretty much walked around alone, lost and inarticulate. And I still don't know any Stockholmare who might invite me to join them - my social skills are rapidly diminishing in this glorious solitude. Especially true, inasmuch as Stockholmare have become those awful tourists who make Visby virtually unlivable for two months every year (but I don't really hold it against them - you should see our beaches!) which I spend hiding in my apartment.

Pictured above are Mark Levengood and Jonas Gardell, one of, if not the most well-known Swedish (Finnish) gay couples, each a celebrity in his own right, and really pretty cool when you consider they're both almost my age and bald! The picture is by Ă…sikstorped, introduced to me (digitally) by Francis Strand, via

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