Saturday, April 18, 2009



I'm inordinately pleased with the pseudo-bulletin board arrangements I can make with PhotoDesktop 2 - it's endless hours of wasted time. I never really paid much attention to the desktop before - usually hidden behind scores of open applications. But now I methodically hide unused windows just so I can revel in my latest assemblage. The current incarnation includes: Pavel Thelitchev, Lincoln Kirstein, Dale Lazarov, Hugo circa 1950, and a number of unidentified clips. The weather indicator in the corner is by the same Dutch software author Alwin Troost, and the list on the right is JournalX by Carsten Schäfer, where I dump text clippings as I find them on the web - it's invaluable. Overall, it gives the impression of a methodical mind which can, almost, persuade me it's true.

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