Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sister Unity on Berdache

I highly recommend this:

A talk by sister Unity Divine, Bootysattva, on the Two Spirit or berdache, the traditional role of the cross gendered, gay, male shaman or spiritual functionary found in many early civilisations. Homosexuality goes deeper and much further than sexuality as evidenced by historical sociology. There is evidence of a "gay" presence in the structure of nature. Click to view.

HUGO recommends!

Sources include:

The writings and talks with Harry Hay

"The Other Face of Love" (c)1964

"Gay Spirit" (c) Mark Thompson

Sister Unity was born when the radioactive remnants of a comet passing through Earth's path around the sun filtered through our atmosphere and struck a vat of orange mylar in a Massachusetts glitter factory. She can be found here.

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