Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tabloid Culture



Swedish tabloids are in a ferment over a startling gun attack in broad daylight. Speculation is rife over who was behind the shooting on Wednesday of a Swedish aristocrat and his girlfriend in Stockholm’s Old Town.

The man, a Swedish Count, is still unconscious after the shooting although in no immediate danger. His girlfriend was also wounded but managed to call the police and also name someone she believed to be involved.

Great secrecy surrounds this case, but it is known that the man initially held is a prominent figure in Sweden’s media advertising circles. He was, however, released without chanrge after presenting a solid alibi.

Now tabloid Aftonbladet reports that the ex-wife of the Count has been arrested on suspicion of arranging the murder attempt.

The heady mix of media connections, links to the nobility and violent crime involved in this case mean that it will continue to attract strong tabloid attention in Sweden and abroad for some time.

(Via Sveriges Radio International - English -- Engelska.)

Update from Francis Strand: "As my friend the policeman says, Stockholm's Old Town seems to be reverting back to the 18th century: Count Carl Piper and his pregnant girlfriend were shot in the schoolyard of the Great Church School during the late afternoon on Tuesday. It turns out that the prime suspect is the former Countess, Carl Piper's ex-wife. It's downright operatic." (23 Apr 22:21)

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